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Welcome to Bird Proofing Solution

The blue pearl of the Solar System i.e. our earth is the only place in the whole universe where there is life. It is a very beautiful planet and its beauty is enhanced by the nature and its beautiful creations.

Birds are one of the very beautiful creation of nature colorful, charming & chirping. They are a jewel of the sky. They add music to the morning. But these birds sometimes pose a serious danger / threat to the beauty & hygiene of our society. Their droppings are highly acidic plus contains around Forty type of parasites, So they are a serious concern for health issues and aesthetic Beauty of Buildings / places. Even their endless chirping sometimes add up as a nuisance as they sometimes create a noise pollution especially in the areas like Residences, hotels, Factory Sheds, hospitals, educational institutions, Swimming Pools, Airports etc where their noise / existences is just unwanted. But now we are here with a solution for you, answering all questions and queries related to BIRDS PROOFING.

We at our provide you with all Birds Proofing solutions you may require and even ask for. We are active in all sectors Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, agricultural & Public sectors. With many years of experience in the Birds control industry will prove to be your best choice. provides birds control services in two ways. First analyzing problem of customers by Free Evaluation / specialist visit to site, to understand the problems and accordingly advising them for the suitable solutions, trying level birds to satisfy customers.
Second after the customer is satisfied in the first session we can always go to second phase for the installation of the required products i.e. birds net, Co polymer transparent birds net, bird spikes, birds Repellent Gels, PVC Strip Curtain & other products so that birds related problems are solved to a satisfactory level.

Our website will provide you with all the information required if you have a birds control problem as well as specialist advice by our team of experts. We also have expert Installers / fitters who will be able to tailor a custom solution to your problem.

Feel free to contact us for all birds control related problems and there solutions. provides products and services of the highest quality that consistently delight and inspire our customers, and co-creating value.

At, nothing is exempt from our quality management activities. All our divisions are striving to improve and reform their operations in order to enhance customer satisfaction. In other words, we want to ensure that everything we do?which of course includes, but is not limited to product-related processes, sales, and services?is customer driven. We aim to raise the level of the quality of our products and services continuously, making customer's experiences evolve from reassurance to amazement.
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Our Services

Co polymer  Net Bird Proofing At Hotels

Co polymer  Net Bird Proofing At Factories

Co polymer  Net Bird Proofing At Residential

Co polymer  Net Bird Proofing At Swimming Pool

Co polymer  Net Bird Proofing At Airport

Our Products

Bird Protection Net / Anti bird net
Co polymer bird Net Copolymer Bird Net
We have developed a special net to get rid of this menace caused by pigeons without hurting or killing them.

Co polymer Nylon Transparent Bird Net Co polymer Nylon Transparent Bird Net
Our Geonets / Co Polymer Nylon Transparent Net are superior in quality due to which they are used to convey all types of liquids.
HDPE Bird net HDPE Bird net
This type of netting is ideal to be used for protecting fruit and garden crop from damage by birds.
Bird Spikes
  Polycarbonate Bird Spikes
  Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
Ultra Sonic Bird Repellents PVC Strip Curtains / Doors Bird Repellent Gels   
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