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Bird Proofing At Airport

Airports generally are large, open areas. Consequently, products and techniques that are effective over large areas are best, generally speaking. Birds must be kept off the airfield altogether; moving birds to another part of the airfield usually is not a solution.

Not all species of birds are attracted to these open habitats, and not all those that are attracted create hazards toaircraft safety. Typical "problem" groups are gulls, waterfowl (ducks and geese), rock doves, black birds, starlings, crows, hawks, eagles, owl etc.. Products and techniques that are effective on these groups can thus often address most of the bird control problems at an airport. Airports may require year-round, and sometimes round-the-clock, control measures.

Therefore, bird control at airports requires techniques that achieve long-term deterrence of birdsfrom the airfield and environs. It is not a situation where techniques that achieve short-term results are acceptable, although short-term effectiveness is required at times. In other words, habituation is of much greater concern at airports, where long-term effectiveness is essential, than in other situations (such as agriculture) where dispersing/deterring birds for a few days or weeks(e.g., before harvest) is sufficient (and the issue of habituation of less concern).

Occasionally,even nocturnal control is necessary. Where overflights of birds are a problem, control programs beyond the airport are required.
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