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Bird Proofing At Hotels

If you own or operate a restaurant or hotel, or you're involved with the sale or packaging of food, you're probably aware of the problems Birds can cause. Unless you arm yourself with effective bird proofing measures, birds can negatively affect the image of your business and cost you money.
It's one of the many things health inspectors look for bird droppings. Many a food establishment has been cited for having this unhealthful offal on or near food preparation areas, or areas where food is stored or served. Without effective bird proofing measures, bird droppings not only create offensive odors, they can carry any of 60 known diseases. Sparrows and feral pigeons, for example, can carry bacteria causing salmonellosis. Pigeons can also carry ornithosis, a disease similar to viral pneumonia. This makes pest birds especially onerous near hotels and restaurants or anywhere food is exposed.

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