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Bird Proofing At Residential

Birds sometimes pose a serious danger / threat to the beauty & hygiene of our society. Their droppings are highly acidic plus contains around Forty type of parasites, So they are a serious concern for health issues and aesthetic Beauty of Buildings / places. Even their endless chirping sometimes add up as a nuisance as they sometimes create a noise pollution especially in the areas like residences, hospitals etc. provides bird control services in two ways. First analyzing problem of customers by Free Evaluation / specialist visit to site, to understand the problems and accordingly advising them for the suitable solutions, trying level best to satisfy customers. Second after the customer is satisfied in the first session we can always go to second phase for the installation of the required products i.e. bird net, Co polymer transparent bird net, bird spikes, Bird Repellent Gels, PVC Strip Curtain & other products so that bird related problems are solved to a satisfactory level.

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