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Bird Repellent Gels
Copolymer Bird Net Bird Repellent Gels

Bird Gel is an inert Non-Toxic Eco-friendly gel to prevent bird from roofing and perching. It is non-corrosive and it is not much affected by dust and contamination and withstands all types of weathers such as rain, snow, heat etc.It is a bio-degradable product and non-hazardous as defined in 29CFR 1910 200 .

1. Appearance - Gel/Paste
2. Color - Light straw to Brown
3. pH Value - Neutral
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Pysical Properties
1. Water Miscibility solubility- Insoluble / Immiscible
2. Dust Hazard - None
3. Vapor Hazard - None

1. Surface without dripping by brush or spatula.
2. Prevents birds from perching on roof tops, structures, high rise buildings etc.

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