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What we do
As a solution provider Our primary aim is to provide complete solution to our customer rather than just selling products. Our discussion with customer / experts visit to site is generally arranged to access the scale of problem. We summarize the problem and reasons behind it. After discussion and our experience we always try to suggest the best suited solution for any bird proofing related problem.
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Every bird proofing related problem is generally unique of its kind. These problems are varied due to different reasons Such as

Type of Bird
In India the main Birds which are causing the problems are Pigeons, Sparrows, Gulls, Bats etc. Each type of Bird has different lifestyle so for every type of Bird the Bird Proofing Solution is generally different. Experts need to access size of the bird, their roosting place, their Habits etc to suggest appropriate bird proofing Solution.

Area of Problem
Experts need to know / see the size of the area where the bird related problems are actually being faced. Experts also need to see whether the problem is in interior or exterior Area. They also need to see the entry and exit points of Birds. So that experts can suggest the product to be applied and volume of the applications.

Reason of Problem
Experts generally see why the bird related problem is caused in the area. They try access is that a agriculture / commercial / residential area and also is the period when problem is faced the breeding season of birds. Is the building a old building with less human intervention or the area being closed from a long time where the bird have developed their nesting place. These factors help us to find actual reason for bird related problem and meanwhile also help to suggest a solution.

Scale of Problem
Experts try to find out how many birds are affecting a particular site. Are they few or hundreds or thousands so that experts can get the idea of the size of the problem and can thereafter suggest the best suited bird proofing solution for the site for optimum results

Duration of Problem
Generally experts like to know the time when the maximum problem is faced at site i. e day / night / evening or what season winter / summer etc to get actual idea of the bird related problem. This really helps us to suggest a bird proofing method best for the site.

Now it is well known that bird related problems are a natural phenomena and these problems is common in most part of World. The problem is generally unique and effected by lots of variable factors. In such cases it is possible that no suitable solution found instantly. In that case, the problem can be scaled down in deferent phases to reach maximum peace of mind.